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No Shading
Just tell meh I need pointz
I like to draw headshots. 
I keep them at size 3000x3000, but they still work as icons. Sadly, because of that fact, I cannot have them move. 
If you want a hat on them, them blinking or something else, let me know please know.
Full body - Shaded Normally
Woo! I am doing this! Remember, it doesn't have to be a MLP OC, though I wouldn't mind it!

I usually do speedpaints for these so if you DON'T want me to post a speedpaint, then let me know! 
Cell Shaded -Full body OR headshot -
So this is something new I'm trying. If you don't know what Cell Shading is, it's shading, but you don't blend the colors and make it softer. 

This isn't my idea, it's actually OhHoneyBee's idea, but I'm not going to link her because that would probably be spamming. 

 Speedpaint? Only if you request it. 

I love drawing dragons and I thought it's be a fun idea to have it as a commission option. 
Send me and OC that's a dragon OR send me an OC that ISN'T and I can MAKE IT one! 
Headshot - Shoulders
So I suck at arms. And legs. So here is just some simple things. In case you want your OC doodled by me without having to spend a thousand million dollars.

These never get speedpaints unless you're a good friend of mine. 
OC - Fully Shaded - With Background
These take a bit longer. Almost as long as I takes me to do the traditional artwork.  So they're much more expensive. 

I usually DON'T record these, but if you want, I can make a speedpaint. 

Remember they DON'T have to be a pony! 
I like drawing things dying. I have no idea why I like to do this and the backgrounds drive me insane, but I do it. So just for the fam, ya'll get this option. Now I don't care if this is your OC or not. It could be a friend's OC of basically anything, or a youtuber or something from a show.
I'll do drowning, cuts up, you name 'll do it! Or just say, "Randomize!" I let me think of something gorey for you! 
The only thing I will NOT do is nude stuff. I won't EVER do that so deal with it. 

What about a background? Do you want a specific one or do wanna let me work my magic? You let me know.  

I usually DON'T do speedpaints for these because they take hours. 
I doodle in real life a lot. So here are some doodles I did as examples! 
Keep in mind these usually take longer than a normal digital drawing, they usually have better shapes than online.
Ref Sheet
I realize people get OCs, but never make ref sheets for them, so because they take like.... No time at all, I'm willing to so it!

I take literally anything other than a few things-
Fish. I can't draw them. I can shade dragons but their scales aren't sshhiinnyyyy, nor do they have such slim body structures
I can't draw machines for the life of me. Please get someone better to draw a robot, unless it's a super simple design. THEN I can.

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United States
I'm Evan, though everyone calls me Fluffy! Let's start this shit, shall we?
I am very young, not telling my actual age, but young.
I am a redhead with eyes that change color often, but mostly they're green
I am a lesbian and I'm with no one ;v;
I love to draw ponies. I don't watch the show but I draw the characters!
I'm open for art trades as long as you fucking do your part
I love bears.
I have a few friends on here, but I'm not making a list of them cause if I forget someone they might yell at me ;v;
I'm an Irish girl who's really loud. I am also Canadian, Scottish, Swedish, British. Well.... I'm more than those, but those are the ones with the biggest numbers. Irish especially.

Youtube is life. My youtube is below!



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So I recorded this! Hopefully the footage won't suddenly disappear like the other recordings have been doing so far!
I have so many commish options but no one commishes 

VioletFlare -AT-
It's been so long since I've done a fullbody. It's kind of refreshing

Art trade with xXMiyuuChanXx 

;v; Go follow demm
Cravings - In The Night - Two
Jeez I didn't expect it to take me so long. I'm usually super quick at writing!
I realize I never explained what Wildfire really looks like. So let be break it down for you:
Wildfire is tall (As stated a thousand times) at least 20 feet. He has pale skin and often wears a array of grays, reds, blues and greens. He has four eyes, two of which a blank white and seems to leave a trail that glows behind them, though its very faint. His other two eyes are a bright, harsh red. He has four, long arms, two of which that are lower than the other two (The top two arms connect to where the shoulders are). The lower arms have long, black claws that have a malevolent glint at all times. Wildfire also has somewhat long hair. His hair stretches a little past his jawline, though some strands seem to stretch a tad further. His hair is a good, deep brown. Wildfire also has the smallest, unnoticeable beard. It's just barely existing. He also has sharp teeth, though a few teeth seen to stick out and be longer and sharper.

Please know before you read-
This is chapter two. If you have not read the first chapter, please go to this folder where you can find them all-…
Please keep in mind that I'm still very young and there may be mistakes in spelling, grammar, ect. If you do see any, please inform me! Fusion, with a capital F however isn't a mistake. It's intentional. 
Glad we got that cleared up.
To the story!

Chapter Two

In The Night

Wildfire loved the town. He loved it because everyone is accepting. Everyone understood he loved humans and was more of less a big, sappy guy who just kept marching.

Wildfire, Whirl and Quinton all lived on the edge of the town, close to the mountain that acted as a good hiding place if Wildfire needed ever time to vent (Which isn’t often).

Quinton walked ahead of Wildfire with Whirl, leaving the Fusion to walk behind them. Wildfire had all his eyes open, and all four arms crossed behind his back, his shoulders slouched to show he was mostly relaxed. He watched the two humans ahead of him, chatting quietly to each other.  Someone passing by on a horse waved to him, which he gladly returned the motion. He didn’t know the guy, but Wildfire knew for sure that guy had heard of him.

“Yo! Ya big lug, are you listening?” Whirl barked at Wildfire, his attention finally returning. Though they were still walking, Whirl was walking backwards, facing Wildfire and staring into his eyes.

“Not really. I was lost in thought,” Wildfire admitted, staring down at Whirl. Wildfire was happy he could stretch out his limbs and stand at full height. Wildfire was at least 20 feet fall, so he kind of had to stare directly down to meet Whirl’s eyes.

“Sounds like you. Join in the conversation!” Whirl opened his arms enthusiastically, motioning towards Wildfire and Quinton.

“I’ll try,” Wildfire grinned, his fangs sticking roughly out, though they were not large. Whirl smiled and playfully punched Wildfire, though it was only just below the edge of his shoe.

Wildfire walked and joked with the two up until one point. Wildfire realized he was drooling. Wildfire wiped it away, slowing growing bored.  Quinton looked up to him, noticing, then looked towards a large, golden-white house.

“I’ll be off now. You two take care!” Quinton playfully punched Whirl’s shoulder and walked over to Wildfire. Wildfire crouched so his lower left hand could do a fist-bump with Quinton’s. Of course, Wildfire’s hand was much, much larger.

“I might stop by later, keep an eye out for me,” Wildfire stood up. Whirl laughed loudly.

“Kind of hard not to. Anyways, see you around,” Quinton turned away, walking on a path that led up towards the white-golden house. Wildfire smiled, as did Whirl. The two started to head to their own home.


                                                            Time Skip

Wildfire sat in his bed, which was of course, large. Well technically it wasn’t a bed. In one corner of his room, Wildfire had constructed a pile out of blankets. Though it doesn’t sound like much, he had created a system. Large blankets covered the walls and ground to create a fine layer between the cold floor and wall and himself. Under him he had thicker blankets keeping him propelled off the ground. Thin blankets covered his back. 

The stars shimmered outside, dancing and teasing Wildfire. Wildfire couldn’t sleep at all. He pushed the blankets had had on and stood up. He had to lower his head a bit so he wouldn’t have his head scrape against the ceiling. The house’s rooms were much, much larger than Tom’s even, but they still seemed to be too small. In fact, nothing in the entire town was the perfect size for Wildfire. If everything was, humans wouldn’t be able to use it.  That’s the only reason why Wildfire hasn’t made the size of the damn door any large. Whirl would be unable to open it.  Wildfire must admit though, having to teleport into every room was increasingly annoying.

Wildfire didn’t know the exact time, but he had a feeling Whirl was in his room, either doing something quiet or sleeping. Wildfire sighed and reached for his dresser. The thing he loved about being around Whirl is that he was a sorcerer. He had enchanted Wildfire’s clothes to be small but the second Wildfire picks them up, they become full size. In a moment’s notice, he had his shoes on (With socks) and his usual gray hoodie that had four instead of two.

With a single teleport, Wildfire was on the sidewalk outside. He straightened himself, glad to know he wasn’t cramped inside a small building. The streets seemed to be empty other than the occasional person on a horse or someone walking on the sidewalk. They’d simply smile, wave or even greet Wildfire with a “Hi” before carrying on with their business.

Wildfire stopped in front of Quinton’s house. Quinton had a small fence in his front yard to keep smaller animals like dogs running into his yard. Wildfire stepped over it, then sighed, knocking on the door quietly.

It took a second, but Quinton appeared in the doorway, bags under his eyes like he’s just be told something stressful.  Quinton leaned against the doorway, looking up at Wildfire.

“Let me guess, you’re heading to the bar? Let me get my sweatshirt,” Quinton smiled faintly, before disappearing into the house. He reappeared with a black sweatshirt around himself. Wildfire shrugged.

“I can always count on you to get drunk with me,” Wildfire lifted the human and set him on his shoulder. Quinton clung to his neck, choking him slightly.

“Sometimes I wish you didn’t do this,” Quinton looked around as Wildfire headed more into town. Quinton narrowed his eyes at Wildfire. “You realize you’re drooling again, don’t you?”

Wildfire wiped it away with his sleeve. “Not really.” He flexed his bottom two hands, which had long, black claws. “I’ve been doing it a lot though.”

                              Small time skip by about 15 minutes

The thing with the bar is that it’s not even remotely meant for Wildfire. Most public places have the rooms heightened at least slightly for Wildfire, but the bar’s rooms were only about 8 feet tall, so Wildfire was basically bending himself in half to remain in the room. A lot of the people inside had moved from the corner to the room more to the center to avoid Wildfire, which Wildfire greatly appreciated.

The bartender, Sam, smiled at him and Quinton. “The usual?” While Quinton shook his head yes, Wildfire shook his head no.

“No, I want twice the amount for me.” Wildfire reached in his pocket and pulled out a few dollars and some golden coins. They were extremely small in his hand but he dropped them onto the counter. Sam raised an eyebrow, but didn’t question it.

“Jeez dude, are you trying to get drunk?” Quinton said as Sam piled ten small beers onto the counter. Due to Wildfire’s size, it takes about four to equal one to a human. Sam then set one in front of Quinton.

“Yeah, actually. I find it I sleep better when I’m drunk and I’m pretty sure with all the stresses of today, I won’t be able to sleep.” Wildfire took one and pressed the cap of the beer against one of his fangs, using it as a leverage to pop the cap off.

“Woah, I didn’t know you could do that!” Quinton stared wide-eyed at the cap that had bounced onto the counter, then he gazed at Wildfire. Wildfire had only shrugged, quickly drinking the small drink. It was only a few drops on Wildfire’s large tongue, but he quickly grabbed another.

“You must be really stressed. You’re barely talking. Not something I like on you, I must admit,” Quinton pushed his own beer towards Wildfire. “I also kind of need help.”

“Sometimes I wish you humans had claws,” Wildfire smiled, taking his own claws and jamming it under the cap. Just as he had done with his fangs, he used it as a leverage, popping the cap off.

“Believe me when I say I do too!” Quinton laughed. Wildfire chuckled alongside the small human, popping open another beer.

                                                     One last time skip, I swear


Wildfire and Quinton decided to get all the energy out of their system with a hike up the nearby mountain. Quinton had tired out quickly, so the two decided to stop on a ledge, overlooking the town.

Wildfire sat straight up. It wasn’t something he did often, so he took it all in.

“Sometimes do you wish you were human?” Quinton asked suddenly.

Wildfire sighed. “Honestly..? I do. Not often, but sometimes I wish I could be seen as a normal person, not a goddamn predator!” Wildfire slammed one of his hands down onto the ground, leaving small cracks in the stone. Quinton visibly flinched a large amount.

“You know Tom was only saying that so Tyler would vote for Whirl,” Quinton huffed. “And it didn’t work. You’re not taking what Tom had said serious, are you?”

Wildfire felt a small flare inside him ignite. “Why do you treat me like a human? I’m not….. I’m a monster! Quinton, just look at me, if my size isn’t enough to basically shout I’m not human, then look at my eyes, or maybe my arms! All four of them!” Wildfire’s shoulders tensed as he slouched. He folded both his claws and his hands together. “I’m…….?”

“Why do you beat yourself up like that? I treat you like a human because you’re like a human, but better! If you were a monster wouldn’t the entire town agree to kill you?”

Wildfire remained silent, but the fire seemed to grow. How would they kill him? How would they kill a Fusion? There is almost nothing known about Fusions because they went extinct. Wildfire's the only living one left.

“I just….. I just wish I’d have someone to relate to! But I must suffer! I can’t relate to anyone alive, not even Wilford and I sure as shit can’t relate to another Fusion because they’re all extinct! I just wish I wasn’t the last Fusion alive!”

Silence between the two. Wildfire felt mad and sorrowful. He wasn’t in the mood to speak. He wanted... He wasn't sure what he wanted yet, but something in the back of his heading was whispering to him. Telling him something.

Edge -OC-
I've had this guy for a while, but I never made a a ref for him.
I changed a few things, but I kept true to his original form
Adopted from AganNaga (Ya'll go check Agan out) 

Name- Edge
Gender- Male
Sexuality- Pansexual with a male preference
Species- Sukki Vampire  (A species close to a Kettso Bat pony- Sukki is a unicorn vampire whilst Kettso is a bat pony vampire) 

H'es got bags under his eyes, yes


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